At the start of Disney Pixar’s new film, “Lightyear,” Buzz Lightyear is tied to a dangerous remote location with his boss and staff.

Their only hope of escaping from this planet is to explore special fuel. To do that, Buzz has to fly in space and repeatedly try to jump at hyper-speed. But every effort he makes comes with severe consequences.

Every time Buzz takes a four-minute flight to explore the sky; he returns to the Earth only to find that many years have passed. The Buzz people are most concerned about dating, having children, and even grandchildren; time becomes his greatest enemy.

What’s going on? Is this just science fiction, or could it be Buzz?

Time is related: to Einstein’s extraordinary vision.
Buzz is dealing with a real thing known as an extension of time. The extension predicts one of the most famous scientific theories ever established: Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Before the relation, the best movement theory we had was Isaac Isaacton’s machines.

Newton’s theory was compelling, providing amazing predictions for planetary motion in our solar system.

In Newton’s view, time is like a clock that strikes a chord similarly for everyone. No matter where you are in the universe, the central clock will display simultaneously.

Einstein’s theory of relativity shattered the central clock into many clocks – one for each and one for moving. In Einstein’s image of the universe, everyone carries his watch.

One result is that there is no guarantee that watches will be marked at the same price, and most keepers will be honored at different levels.

Worse yet, the faster you approach another person, the slower your watch will be compared to theirs.

This means that if you go very fast on a spaceship – as Buzz does – a few minutes may pass for you, but years may pass for someone in the world you left behind.

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