“Grace VanderWaal” can be seen as the leading actress in the “Stargirl” first trailer, dropped by the studio. The sequel to the Disney+ Debuting the Trailer for Stargirl stars “Grace VanderWaal” and “Uma Thurman.”

The movie is said to feature the original song named “Figure It Out,” which has been written and performed by VanderWaal herself; Disney has debuted the key art and the Hollywood Stargirl trailer, which is ahead of the film’s streaming and screening premiere scheduled on the 3rd of June which is said to exclusively air on Disney+ itself.

As per Disney’s official description: Hollywood Stargirl is said to follow the very kind and silver-voiced teenager’s life out of Mica, Arizona, and into a bigger and a better world of music, dreams, aspirations, probabilities, and possibilities. When the character’s mother, Ana (played by Greer), is hired as the costume designer for a movie, they have to relocate to L.A., where “Stargirl” quickly becomes involved with an eclectic assortment of characters.

Along with the returning of VanderWaal, Stargirl’s “Julia Hart” has returned to direct from the very original script that she had written with the help of “Jordan Horowitz,” based on the very original character from the bestselling titular book written by Jerry Spinelli. Ellen Goldsmith-Vein (who had previously worked in The Maze Runner trilogy), Lee Stollman (who had previously worked in All Together Now), and Horowitz (who had previously worked in La La Land) serve as producers, with “Kristin Hahn,” “Nathan Kelly,” and “Jerry Spinelli” serving as the executive producers.

Hollywood Stargirl will stream on the 3rd of June at Disney+.

Hollywood Stargirl | Official Trailer | Disney+

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