Five years after its initial release, the well-known first-person shooter video game Far Cry 5 will receive a new console update. In recent years, Ubisoft has shifted its focus to a particular kind of game formula after once being known for its wide range of game genres. The studio has occasionally released unconventional projects, but they have been few and far between. Ubisoft’s gaming portfolio is now centred on the Far Cry series, and the most recent update to the fifth instalment is evidence of the series’ continued success.

Ubisoft claims the game will be available in native 4K at 60 frames per second for Xbox Series X users and 1080p for Xbox Series S users. On the other hand, the game will run at 1620p on the PlayStation 5. Players will enjoy an immersive and fluid gaming experience due to this enhancement, making it the ideal time to re-visit this classic game. In addition, from March 23 to March 27, Ubisoft is providing gamers the opportunity to play Far Cry 5 for free. The game is also available to players at a whopping 85 percent discount until April 4. New and seasoned fans alike can take advantage of this tempting offer to immerse themselves in the captivating world of the game and engage in thrilling gameplay.

Even though Ubisoft did not update Far Cry 5 for a long time, the community did not give up on the game. One player built a WWE Arena in Far Cry 5 last month using the game’s extensive level editing tools, inspired by WWE 2K23’s recent release. It was impressive that the arena looked, unlike anything in the original game. This project contributes to the game’s survival and inspires players to continue playing Far Cry 5.

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