Season 2 of the Netflix series Shadow and Bone, based on Leigh Bardugo’s best-selling Grishaverse novels, is aware that being the Sun Summoner means that she represents hope for some and danger for others. However, she is still determining what that means for her. And with the army of indestructible shadow monsters led by General Kirigan (Ben Barnes), aka The Darkling, after her. Despite his absence, the Darkling’s expansion of the Fold at the end of season 1 has significantly impacted the world around them.

Alina must keep a low profile because many believe she may be involved in the Darkling’s evil deeds. That might be troublesome, however, as she chases after two incredible intensifiers that will assist her once the Darkling returns with another military close by him. The Crows will also return in season 2 of Shadow & Bone, adapting parts of books two and three of Leigh Bardugo’s flagship trilogy.

Ben Barnes talks about Darkling’s stormy relationship with Alina.

The Darkling’s only significant relationships are with Alina and his mother, Baghra, as he increasingly operates independently. Even though the Darkling had been torturing his mother for months, he still took him by surprise when his nichevo’ya killed her in a particularly brutal scene. “Then he goes pretty dark on her in the sixth episode,” the Darkling claims that Alina is to blame for her death.          

Speaking to a channel, The Darkling, according to Barnes, “was always on the wrong side.” He is always the bad guy. However, it has been somewhat unleashed this season, and he does not have an army to rely on. He does not rely on these charming cloaks.” He is brutal and unafraid to simply kill those who stand in his way this season. 

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