In a world filled with remakes and reboots, Halle Berry has stated that she would like to direct a remake of her 2004 box office discontent Catwoman, in which she played the titular criminal. In an interview with Jake’s Takes, the actress was asked about her breakthrough as a director in Bruised, which film she would like to remake now that she is a director. Berry, without a second thought and with a chuckle, said that Catwoman would be an optimal movie for her to return to with her executive eye. Catwoman was also panned by viewers outside of the superhero fandom, even though the fandom is full of harsh critics. The film took on a life of its own, departing from the heroine’s comic book background in many ways.

Is Halle Berry in Netflix’s Catwoman? 

We have bad news for you if you are a fan of Halle Berry’s portrayal of the well-known Catwoman character and wonder whether you can watch it on Netflix. Netflix does not currently allow for t Catwomanhe streaming of Catwoman.

However, Warner Bros., which produced the film, owns the streaming service HBO Max, where the movie can be viewed. HBO Max is the place to go if you’re looking for feline-themed action and want to see Halle Berry slay as the title character.

Halle Berry stars in the movie Catwoman!

As you follow the daring adventures of this leather-clad, whip-wielding heroine, this action-packed movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. The timid artist Patience Phillips, played by Halle Berry, finds herself resurrected by an enigmatic Egyptian cat cult and transformed into the daring Catwoman in the 2004 film. Donning calfskin-clad clothing, Catwoman should take on a bad beauty care products organization and shut down its evil plans.

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