Not too long ago, the well-known world-famous Dwayne Johnson suffered a pretty injury damage on his face on Monday. Just a few stitches are needed to close a wound on his face.

Nevertheless, the pleasant truth is that, as an alternative to Kryin ‘Dwayne Jonson tasted his personal blood and went to work again !!!

A previous WWE Superstar has noted that, he pressed the trigger of the wound to throw some heavy weight within the health club – and in a short clip video, he revealed that his eye was swollen and overlaying with a bloody.

However, in true strong man style … The Rock licked the blood from his face and mentioned, “Hmmm .. this is good. This is real good. He smiled and mentioned, to work again.”

Johnson later defined that he failed to hoist the 50-pound chain … and mentioned that the wound was so bad, he wanted some stitches on the damage.

However the 48-year-old mentioned that he hadn’t gone under the needle and thread until he exercised … ‘Trigger, duh.

“We are not taking part in tiddlywinks and we nursery rhymes,” Dwayne has not mentioned … after first writing, “maintaining your personal blood style, understanding and later sew-in-house guidelines” Is not following. ”

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