The 2010 romantic comedy film ‘Easy A’ revolves the story around Olive, an attractive high school student whose one small white lie to Rhiannon causes a significant impact in her life at East Ojai High School in California.

Emma Stone age

Emma stone was born on 6th November, 1988 making the La La Land actress 34 years as of March 2023. She was 22 years old, when she portrayed Olive in Easy A.

Penn Badgley age

Penn Badgley was born on 1st November, 1986, and as of 2023, the You actor is 36. Penn Badgley was 24 years old when he portrayed as Woodchuck Todd in Easy A.

Amanda Bynes age 

Amanda Bynes was born on 3rd April, 1984, soon to be 37 years old, in April 2023. She portrayed as Marianne and was 24 years old at the time of release of the movie.

Cam Gigandet age

Cam Gigandet was born on 16 August 1982, making the Twilight actor 40 years old as of 2023. He was 28 years old while portraying Micah, a high school student in Easy A

Aly Michalka age 

Aly Michalka was born on 25 March, 1989, soon to turn 34 in March 2023. At the time of release of the movie, the singer was 21 years old, portraying as Rhiannon.

Dan Byrd age 

Dan Byrd, Cougar Town star, was born on 20 November, 1985, making him 37 years old as of 2023. He portrayed as Brandon, Olive’s gay friend and when the movie premiered in 2010, he was 25 years old.

Lisa Kudrow age 

Lisa Kudrow will soon turn 60 years in 2023, as she was born on 30 July 1963. Lisa was 47 years old when she portrayed as Mrs Griffith, the guidance counsellor in Easy A.

Watch the teen romantic comedy movie ‘Easy A’ broadcasting on Netflix.

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