As the United States faces rising oil, gas, and electricity prices, the obvious solution is to dig for more oil and gas and build more productive industries. Naturally, that is wrong because the most injured people are not the ones who set the agenda.

Higher numbers hurt everyone, but they are challenging for active classes. Most Americans drive to work, and there are more jobs within 30 minutes of driving in congested areas than in the 30-minute bus or train ride. Cars also make it easy to take children to school, buy groceries at various locations and stay in touch with family and friends.

As petrol prices have more than doubled since January 2021, the cost of doing all these things has doubled. For an extended family, double the gas price means less money on other items, such as food, clothing, or education. (And it does not help that prices have skyrocketed.)

Still, naturalists seem to be pleased with the changes. And before he started to back off after seeing the vote, President Joe Biden praised high fuel prices as part of a “dramatic change” in electric vehicles and other “green” technologies. (Now, after all, seeing how the political winds are blowing, he calls for a gas tax holiday “to relieve pressure on voters, at least until the next few months. In the meantime, if you are too poor to afford it.

The environmental group likes high prices because it wants to force people to switch to renewable resources. That such a change leaves many people worse off leaves biologists at a loss. This is because they have always been an elitist organization that does not care about the working class or the minority.

California Environmental Advocate Jennifer Hernandez calls the results of the province’s policies “Green Jim Crow.” High energy costs and strict building codes keep poor people focused on more impoverished areas while protecting affluent white areas like Marin County. And strict environmental laws crush or restrict industrial activities traditionally that have given the working class a leg up. He notes: “What the growing economic discourse of the wealthy state, especially the White leadership in technology, hides a number of climate policies that will, under the best of circumstances, undermine the state economy while deepening the state’s disastrous legacy of racial injustice.”

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