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‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 Update: Show Won’t Be Returning to Netflix for New Season This Month

Unfortunately, Emily in Paris season 3 will not be available on Netflix in April 2022. After Emily in Paris season two ended on a cliffhanger, it’s understandable that fans are eager for the series to return with its third chapter as soon as possible.

Given that Netflix has officially announced Emily in Paris seasons 3 and 4, many people are asking when the following seasons will be available.

Fans of the trendy series will be disappointed to learn that Emily Cooper (portrayed by Lily Collins) will not be gracing our screens and continue her hunt for love in the French city for some time. Find the most recent Emily in Paris season 3 and 4 news and release date updates below.

Emily in Paris season 3 release updates.

In January, in a tweet, Netflix revealed that Emily in Paris seasons 3 and 4 are coming. However, filming on the third volume has yet to begin; thus, an official release date will not be revealed for some time.

Nonetheless, we can make an educated guess as to when the beloved show will return! According to Variety, the third season will resume filming at the Paris Studios in the spring or summer of this year. According to IMDb, season 3 will be released in 2022, which is a relatively quick turnaround. If this is correct, we may see Emily return to Paris towards the end of 2022, following a similar release pattern to seasons 1 and 2.

Stay tuned for more Emily in Paris updates and news!




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