Eraser: Reborn is a science fiction thriller film about US Marshal, Mason Pollard, a specialist in engineering the fake deaths of witnesses that need to leave no trace of their existence. The movie is directed by Chuck Russell and star-cast Arnold Schwarzenegger and reboot of the movie Eraser 1996.

Directed by John Pogue and screenplay writer Michael Weiss, produced by Theuns DE Wet, Hunt Lowry.

Eraser Kruger works as a US Marshal who works with (WITSEC) Witness Security Protection Program. His work is to erase evidence of fake deaths and protect them from those who wished to become silent in the trial. On a mission, Kruger must erase Lee Cullen, he is a defense contractor, and distribute the electromagnetic rifle on the black market. Kruger tries to protect Lee only to discover the government agent and his old conspiracy in the film.

U.S Marshal Mason is specialized in erasing people-faking the deaths of high-risk witnesses. In the last Last twenty-five years, the game has upgraded.

Two flee to Cape Town, South Africa. Pollard discovers he’s been set up.

Release Date:- 22 March 2022 (In USA)
Language:- English
Genre:- Action

Dominic Sherwood – U.S. Marshal Mason Pollard
McKinley Belcher III – Paul Whitlock
Mampho Brescia – Marshall Rhodes
Soyama Mbashe – Felicia Galloway
Jacky Lai
Sven Ruygrok – Mr. Chetty
Rizelle Januk – Agent Dunn
Anton David Jeftha – Razor
Colin Moss – Agent Dowd
Eddie Ramos
Nathan Castle – Marco Sari

Director:- John Pogue
Writer:- Weiss
Cinematography:- Michael Swan
Music:- Mark Killian
Producer:- Charles V. Bender – Associate producer
Theuns De Wet – Co-producer
Hunt Lowry- Producer
Patty Reed- Producer
Production: HBO Max

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