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Euphoria is the talk of the town right now everybody is having opinions on the teenage drama show. The fourth episode of season 2 just premiered on 31 January. Fans seemed to go crazy over some characters of the show and the amazing performances of the actors.

Cassie played by 24-year-old Sydney Sweeney and Cal Jacobs played by 49-year-old Eric Dane, the two of them gave such impressive individual performances that fans want them to be the recipient of Emmys this year.

Hundreds of fans have taken it to Twitter voicing their opinions on the standout episode. A fan wrote, “Sydney Sweeney and Eric Dane on their way to pick up their Emmy after their performances this season #Euphoria.”

Another account wrote, “Eric Dane (Cal Jacobs) deserves an Emmy for that scene alone. What a f****g monologue.” And a third one typed, “Sydney Sweeney the Emmy is yours.”


Episode four was a concoction of emotions, from all the overwhelming realities of truth, betrayal, and confusion with love. From Nate struggling to balance his relationship with Cassie and Maddy to Cal’s show-stopping stand-off Monologue with his family where he revealed his truth. The episode was enough to keep those fans on the edge of their seats.

A Twitter user wrote, “That Cal Jacobs monologue with his family was the single best scene #Euphoria has ever had. That clip alone should be sent right to the academy as Eric Dane wraps up what surely will be at least a nomination for best supporting actor in a drama series.

The hysteria of Euphoria fandom also comes from the outstanding performance of Zendaya which left the viewer commending her portrayal of her beloved character Rue, the narrator/ teenage drug addict who struggles with both relationships with herself and her girlfriend Jules, which is another much-loved dynamic character in the show. The fans are also wishing that the end of episode four was just another bizarre thought of Rue’s imagination where she saw her own funeral and being reunited with her late father.

We all have to wait, until l episode 5 drops and find out more about the story, see more of Emmy’s worthy performances and fall in love with the characters even more. Euphoria is available to stream on HBO.

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