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European Space Agency Chief, Josef Aschbacher, Hope For ‘JFK Moment’ From European Leaders

More than half a century later, Aschbacher led the European Space Agency, a significant force in scientific, communicative, and spatial exploration. But so far, the agency has not been able to put its astronauts into orbit, relying on Russia and the United States for space flights and other high-level operations.

The 59-year-old actor intends to change that and hopes that the recent turmoil caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will prompt European leaders to take action.

“I think the Ukrainian war has made politicians realize that we are in danger and we need to make sure we have our secure access to the area and our local infrastructure,” Aschbacher told the Associated Press in an interview Wednesday at ILA in Berlin. Air show.

A few days after the Russian invasion on Feb. 24, the European Space Agency abandoned long-term plans for Russia’s joint venture to install a rover on Mars.

“The situation at ExoMars is exciting about how Europe should position itself,” Aschbacher said. He recently talked with NASA chief Bill Nelson to find a way to rescue the missiles outside Russia, and he is “very hopeful” that the space owner will arrive on the red planet.

However, over time, Aschbacher said, “it is clear that in critical areas, in critical occupations, we need to make sure we can do it (ourselves).” Earlier this year, you mentioned that this might include introducing staff.

He praised Emmanuel Macron’s latest speech – delivered in the days before Russia invaded Ukraine – in which the French president called for a bold European space policy.



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