Simon Barry, the creator of Warrior Nun, encourages viewers to keep pushing for the show’s third season by praising the campaign. The #SaveWarriorNun campaign has been working to renew Warrior Nun for a third season since Netflix pulled the plug on the show in December 2022. The fantasy action series is best known for depicting queer love through the characters Ava and Beatrice, flashy action sequences, and religious themes. In a post on Twitter, Simon Barry encouraged fans to continue to battle for the fate of Champion Sister and its confident restoration. He says that the show’s fans are the main reason it can be saved and encourages them to never give up. This comes after the campaign to save Warrior Nun reached 100 days, a significant milestone demonstrating the audience’s dedication.

Warrior Nun, a Netflix series based on Ben Dunn’s comic, is about a girl named Ava Silva who wakes up in a morgue and discovers that she has special powers. She finds herself at odds with powerful forces, including demons, for a priceless artifact she possesses. The second time the show debuted last November, and keeping in mind that it piled up a huge number of survey hours, it could have done better concerning the limit Netflix expected to re-establish it. Although showrunner Simon Barry appeared to accept the cancellation, fans were dissatisfied, and we anticipated that Warrior Nun would join the list of canceled shows before their time.

On Twitter, there have been several conversations with him, and Warrior Nun cast members have become involved in the renewal efforts. The extent to which Warrior Nun has established a community is demonstrated by Barry and those who worked on the show in their efforts to save it alongside viewers. The dedication to saving the series exemplifies how popular television shows can cultivate devoted fans willing to do anything to keep their show alive. The most surprising outcome would be if Warrior Nun did not survive to fight another day, given how much effort has already been put into saving it.

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