Through modern scientific techniques, scientists are revealing shocking insights regarding dinosaurs’ lives at a record pace, a lot of which was supposed to be unthinkable decades ago.

Molecular detective work has observed red blood cells and collagen from 76-million-year-old theropods. They are the group that contains the largest predators to have been on Earth. It has tell-tale chemical signatures that indicate that triceratops and stegosaurus were cold-blooded and that one spiky, heavily armored herbivore, nodosaur, was ginger. Scientists have found out that Spinosaurus, which is famous for the large ‘sail’ on its back, possibly used its six-inch (15 cm) teeth and crocodile jaws to chase in deep water, as well as information that iguanodons might have been extremely intelligent, and that pterosaurs frequently walked to hunt their prey.

However, research into exactly how dinosaurs bred or practically anything at all about how they hooked up has drawn a total blank. Till now, scientists are unable to even precisely distinguish males from females, let alone tell you how they dated or the kind of genitals they possessed. Most of their biology and behavior is still a total mystery because of the lack of fundamental knowledge.

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