From time to time, a new anime series appears. New stories and their modified anime are gaining popularity as the demand for anime grows. Fans are always eager to learn about new characters and episodes. Masaki Tsuzuki may not be as well known as the other fiction creators, but he has previously created some fascinating works like Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

This year, Masaki Tsuzuki is back with a new manga, which will get the anime familiarity according to the latest updates. “Excessive Hearts” is the name of this anime.

At AnimeJapan 2022 this past weekend, more details about the upcoming anime called Extreme Hearts from the creator of Nanoha were unveiled, including a new key image and new series preview video and definite release date. Masaki Tsuzuki has not worked on the project since 2018, which means it has been four years since last. He expressed in the interviews that he had donated his heart and soul to developing this vision.

Extreme Hearts: When is the Sports Anime Released?

Masaki Tsuzuki’s Extreme Hearts focuses on the life of Hiwa Hayama. Hyper Sports will be known soon, and people will appreciate it. It is prevalent among men, women, children, and adults alike.

According to sources, extreme Hearts will be shown for the first time in July 2022. The exact dates for each episode have not been announced, and powerful anime visuals were introduced on March 25, 2022.

Extreme Hearts: What Is the Story About?

Since there is no information available for writing the structure, it is difficult to discuss the subject properly. We checked out Extreme Hearts and came up with a story.

It is impossible to know what it is about without any source material. Considering Masaki Tsuzuki’s previous works, anime can have a powerful magical theme. Two photos and a trailer have been released so far, and some information can be obtained from them, but it is too early to remove the complete structure.

The series can fall into a different category. Extreme Hearts’ illustrations suggest that the series can be about sports and idols. I would be lying if I said it didn’t seem attractive. The description of Masaki Tsuzuki’s plot is highly anticipated. Anime revolves around Hiwa Hayama. Hyper Sports will be known soon, and people will appreciate it. It is trendy among men, women, children, and adults alike.

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