Facebook Wrists Bands
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Facebook has now offered a glimpse of the new augmented feature of the reality interface, based on the sources of the information and the information of the CTR-labs the project startup was started in the year 2019. In a recent video, on Facebook, the video displays a glimpse of the Facebook Wrists Bands that will be using the electromyography features for the translation of the subtle neutral signals into the actions, the functions like typing, swiping, or playing games just like the same as an archery simulator. Moreover, the band is also offering haptic feedback, that will create a more responsive device than the basic hand tracking devices of the other competitors.

Moreover, the Facebook reality labs have recently published a blog spot in which they detailed the launch of a new wristband in the world with the EMG working along with it. In simple words, the bands will be monitoring the basic features just like the Facebook calls and other messages on the messenger or the likes and comments on Facebook. the bands are like the Microsoft Hololens but the difference is that they just connect to the nerve of the human in order to examine the human temperatures and other functions of the body too.

Now the functions that will be performed by the wrist band include that they could track the nerve signals of the brain that the user sends to his fingers while the user is typing and with that function, the user could type on a virtual keyboard instead of having the keyboards. And moreover, unlike the manual keyboard, the user can modify the keyboard according to his/her wish, and moreover, there is also the autocorrect function in the system that will correct the words automatically if the user writes the word incorrectly.

The concept of using the EMG will be new for the audience but the use of the same for the CTR-Labs is the same and the user of the wrist band can feel the movement of the hand by the use of the wristbands and in reality not moving the hands. Facebook is also forcing the work of the audience to rely on the parts of artificial intelligence and other things in the future.

One of the major additions to the wrist bands is the haptics. this time Facebook is implementing various types of prototypes that the users of the artist bands like the most. Moreover, facebooks explain the concept of the wrist band through the following lines:

You have many thoughts and you choose to act on only some of them. When that happens, your brain sends signals to your hands and fingers telling them to move in specific ways in order to perform actions like typing and swiping. This is about decoding those signals at the wrist — the actions you’ve already decided to perform — and translating them into digital commands for your device.

That’s all was the information about the Facebook Wrists Bands that will be available in the market form the next year and the users are waiting for the same.

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