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K-Pop Boy band BTS, which enjoys a massive fan following worldwide, recently launched new merchandise.

Their merchandise received attention from the fans when it was confirmed that the members themselves designed their merchandise.

The members planned to launch their exclusive merchandise in the first month of 2022. The eldest member of the band, Jin, was the first one to drop his self-designed merchandise online.

But the whopping price of the merchandise left the fans, and the members themselves surprised.

The managing company of BTS, Hybe Labels, previously known as Bighit Labels, launched the merchandise designed by Jin. The inventory includes ‘Good day, Bad day’ Pajamas, Pillows, and some other items used daily. The pajamas have two sets of color, Blue for a ‘Good day’ and black for ‘Bad days.’

Although, the prices shown on the website were approximately $110 for most of the items and even more prices of other things, excluding delivery charges. ARMYs were shocked to see the merchandise prices and expressed their disappointment regarding the high costs of the merchandise through social media platforms.

After a few hours, in response to his fans, he also expressed his views over the merchandise prices. He wrote on weverse, “Though I did ask them to use a good material for the pajamas at what kind of priceā€¦I was surprised as well.”

ARMYs were delighted to see Jin speak up for them. Some fans also brought back the JinHit joke.

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