In favour of the new series, the juxtaposition of the seasons offers a carefree coming-of-age adventure in a recognisable setting while we brave the gloomy winter weather. Point Place, Wisconsin, may not be a popular tourist destination, but with teenagers revisiting the Formans, it’s worth the trip for TV purposes.  It’s also a journey through time. Watching That ’90s Show is a very meta, kind of time-warp experience, one that I think is pretty groovy and rad as someone who was a teenager in the ’90s and early ’00s when That ’70s Show was on television.

Leia turns 15 today but finds it difficult to feel happy about it in the wake of her heartbreaking breakup with Jay in the previous episode. Of course, it’s crucial to remember that she and Jay have never been romantically involved. She has been hiding in the basement and binge-watching Beverly Hills 90210 for the past week. Leia extends an invitation to Jay’s birthday party for him and his new girlfriend, but she soon regrets it.

Leia kisses Jay after learning from 90210 that you should pursue your goals. Jay is overjoyed and vows to split from his new girlfriend. Then Leia requests Jay to drive her somewhere. Leia declares this to be the best birthday ever as she and Jay cruise in the Vista Cruiser, only for them to be stopped by police as the episode ends.With varying degrees of success, many other shows have tried to be purposeful homages to this sitcom genre.

They primarily serve to highlight the reasons why the majority of television has moved beyond that format. However, in this instance, even though it still seems to be setting a cap on how good the show can be, it comes across as endearing rather than grating. But on the other hand, a program set nearly twenty years ago would benefit significantly from manufactured nostalgia.

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