I See You, a 2019 indie horror film, quickly rose to the top of Netflix’s trending titles charts. It is currently streaming on the streaming service. And if you watch the movie, you’ll see why so many people have been drawn in. This film has it all: Spoiler alert: homeless people secretly living in the attics of wealthy people, Helen Hunt in a creepy mask, and bizarre plot twists.

Coordinated by Adam Randall, with a screenplay composed by Devon Graye, I See You previously debuted at the 2019 SXSW Film Celebration before delivering select venues in December. The film was well-received by critics and horror fans, but most casual moviegoers missed it. As viewers discover this wacky little film, it is now finding new life streaming on Netflix.

I See You Ending: Who Is Terrorizing The Harper Family?

About halfway through I See You, the movie changes perspectives and switches to the POV of two phroggers filming a documentary on the phrogging phenomenon. The phroggers are Mindy and Alec.

I See You Ending: Who Is The Serial Killer In I See You?

The revelation that the serial killer is none other than homicide detective Greg Harper is one of I See You’s most thrilling twists. We learn that he framed Cole Gordon for the deaths of six boys more than a decade ago. Greg stopped killing and kidnapping for a long time, but finding out that his wife Jackie was having an affair appears to have re-ignited him. He’s the one answerable for hijacking Justin Whitter.

I See You Ending: Who Is The Serial Killer In I See You?

Alec is revealed to be one of the two children who escaped Greg at the movie’s end. The second boy’s identity was kept a secret, but Tommy was the first character we saw in the movie. When Alec ties up Greg’s son Connor and leaves behind a green pocketknife, which Greg frequently leaves at the scene of his crimes, it is one of the most important clues.

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