New Zealanders throughout North Island reported thunderstorms, fires, and lightning flashes in the sky Thursday afternoon, in what scientists believe could have been a meteor.

Local and social media were flooded with reports and questions about the idea. Some witnesses described thunder, barking, cracking in their ears, standing hair, moving windows, or bursting or bursting light, followed by smoke. Track.

Geonetters detected a sound wave coming from an object, and Metservice meteorologists believed they had picked up a thing – or trace of its smoke – on the radar.

Plumber Curtis Powell filmed the incident on his dashcam while driving north of Shannon at 1.39 pm on Thursday.

“We were driving to work in Shannon when I saw a green line fall from the sky, and a bright light shone,” he said. “I noticed that my dashboard was recording and downloading video – a spectacle that happened once in a lifetime.”

On social media, people have shared photos and exchanged stories. “I’m so glad someone found it … I thought I was dreaming,” said one commenter.

Many people think of the sound of an earthquake.

“We thought it was an earthquake, but it did not sound right, like a heavy, heavy truck, but there were no trucks near our house at the time. The house also shook slightly,” said another Twitter user.

Dr. Duncan Steel, a Wellington-based space scientist who has always worked for Nasa, said the object was probably a meteor shower – and seeing one during the day was rare.

“In my life, I have seen only one meteor during the day. Micrometeoroids are them in the atmosphere that enters very quickly, usually 30km per second. “To be visible during the day, it has to be very big, something like rugby or big – that’s what makes it so special,” he said.

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