It feels like eons have passed since the launch of Netflix’s original drama series Firefly Lane. However, it has only been a little more than a year. But that doesn’t mean fans aren’t anxiously awaiting Firefly Lane season 2 updates each month.

Firefly Lane began in February 2021, and despite a lukewarm critical reception, the drama did not disappoint in terms of watching statistics. In addition, fans of the book on which the series is based are now invested in the film adaptation.

Season 2 of Firefly Lane was officially renewed by Netflix in May 2021, and filming began in August of the same year. Katherine Heigl has kept fans updated on the production process by releasing progress updates regularly.

Unfortunately, the Emmy winner has announced no release date for the second season, and it will not be available in April 2022. The series was not listed in the comprehensive list of new releases for the month, but we now have a fresh release date forecast.

Updates on the release of Firefly Lane Season 2.

Because production won’t be completed until April, it’s inevitable that Firefly Lane season 2 will be released on Netflix in the late summer. Post-production can take up to six months, pushing the series into the fall. However, it’s unclear whether post-production on the season’s early episodes has begun.

When the cameras stop rolling, the actors will be required to add finishing touches such as ADR as the post-production process concludes. We’ll know more about the timeline once it’s verified that filming has finished (which we’ll most likely discover from our reliable source Katherine Heigl).

We’re predicting a release date of August or September 2022, give or take. Netflix usually announces the release dates of its more anticipated shows well in advance, so we should hear something about Firefly Lane this spring, if not this summer. Hopefully, the date announcement will be accompanied by a first-look teaser. Let’s make it happen!

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