Boeing has performed its very first test flight for the new reusable capsule. It is the first reusable starliner capsule for the crew. After the test flight, the capsule was named Calypso. The astronaut of NASA Suni Willams suggested the name.
When the capsule takes the next flight to space, Suni will be commanding it to the next trip to the orbit.

Starliner Capsule

On Sunday, the Starliner capsule spacecraft made a landing at 7:58 AM EST. The arrival has taken place after a two-day Orbital Test Flight. The mission was design to go long, but in the mid-mission, some time error occurs. Due to that error, the spacecraft then can’t perform the planned insertion to the orbit. For these reasons, the mission cut short, and it made a safe landing in Mexico.

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Capsule By Boeing

Till now, Boeing has made two reusable capsules, which is design in such a way that it can take the humans within it. The total cost of the contract for NASA is nearly $4.2 million. Not only these things but the space agency, too, made almost $2.6 billion contracts with the world’s biggest private space agency SpaceX.

The agreement with the SpaceX signs in the year 2014, and under that, they develop the Crew Dragon inside which astronauts can sit and fly to new space missions.
The Starliner vehicle, which made its safe landing here, will be flying again for the second crew mission. You can see that NASA has assigned the new astronauts for the very first mission to the space stations.
The astronauts who will be commanding the mission are Josh Cassada and Suni Williams. Apart from them, other astronauts will also be joining the Crew Flight for the test. In the second test, it will use SpaceCraft 2.

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