Disclosed one by one in a moderately glitchy webcast, the first science-grade impressions of the cosmos captured by the James Webb Space Telescope are ultimately known to the world, stunning professional astronomers, space enthusiasts as well as the members of the general public who otherwise does not care about space at all.

Already, the preview image released on Monday by U.S. President Joe Biden urged some unexpected science aficionados to convey their awe on Twitter.

“NASA says in this photo, the Webb telescope has photographed just a speck the size of a grain of sand,” American actress and activist Mia Farrow announced in a tweet. “In this image — we see galaxies and galaxies — the light from galaxies has traveled billions of years to us!”
“Some days we take baby steps in exploration, some days we take leaps,” NASA astronaut Anne McClain wrote on Twitter. “This is a leap. A vivid, beautiful, fantastic leap.”

Retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly echoed the sentiment. “Big win for science!” he said in a tweet.

British guitarist Brian May, a member of the legendary band Queen who is furthermore an astrophysicist, celebrated the image release with the latest song that’s recorded with fellow musician Graham Gouldman. The song, named Floating in Heaven, was released on Spotify a few days after Biden revealed the first image on Monday evening.

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