Since its debut, Netflix’s The Witcher TV adaptation has gained popularity, with season 2 quickly rising to the top of all-time most-watched productions on the streaming behemoth. The Witcher is a fantastic series to get a more diverse demographic to watch because it appeals to fans of the video game franchise, the book series from 1990 to 2013, fans of fantasy fiction in general, and more. It does help that Henry Cavill, who has served as the series’ leading man thus far, is a devoted follower of books and video games.

Cavill is well known for being incredibly enthusiastic about his role as Geralt of Rivia in the television series The Witcher. He has frequently stated that the part is a dream come true and that, given the right circumstances, he would be happy to play it for ten years. Unfortunately for the viewers, Cavill revealed that he will leave the role of Geralt with the start of season 4, which will air sometime in the following year since season 3 is still in production. Cavill said he would continue to portray Geralt of Rivia for seven more seasons if the show improved its fidelity to the source material found in the Witcher novels. The show is based more on the books than The Witcher video game series; even though Cavill is a big fan of both, he still wanted to be part of the book adaptation, not the game.

As a voracious reader of the books, he has frequently expressed his wish for a successful way to adapt Geralt of Rivia from the books for the television series because the books are based on The White Wolf’s thoughts and introspection. Although Cavill wanted that to be more apparent, the book version of Geralt also has moments of moodiness and crankiness. When The Witcher season 4 debuts, which won’t be until at least 2024, Hemsworth will take Cavill’s place. He’ll also portray Geralt in season 5, which appears to be the series’ last.

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