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Billie Eilish played in New Orleans for the first time in two years amid ongoing pandemic threats, after the cancellation of two acts before her first night of Happier Than Ever Tour. Postpones and stormy rain couldn’t keep her from doing what she loves the most, to be with fans and perform for them. She gave a super-star level performance.

Plus what could have the fans have asked for than a live recreation of the “Happier Than Ever” song, when the relentless downpour turned into an accidental remake. The visuals were ecstatic with the strobing effects of light and melodies intertwining with the pop star’s voice.

The night was hit by some bad luck for the opening acts, Willow dropped out of the first tour date and her replacement Dora Jar contracted the Covid-19 virus, but Eilish didn’t stumble she showed up at half an hour early than scheduled maybe just because of her eagerness and the feelings she’s been craving for so long.

The 20-year-old entered the stage with “Bury a Friend”, the whole 90 minute set of the show was wildly dynamic, the songs and music aped the arena and included funny dancing, winking, and flirty gestures of the star. She perfectly transitioned between newer tracks “I don’t change my Number” and “NDA” traversing in the middle of the cars as the screen behind her played the visuals.

The multiple Grammy-winner played with the audience while singing “You should see me in a Crown” where she asked them to be still like Squid Game and jump around when she instructs. She also managed to make bounce the whole arena, when she asked the crowd to go lower as much as possible and jump all at once during Oxytocin/Copycat.

Eilish rode a giant crane to let her get closer to the audience in the back when she performed a fusion of her earliest songs “Ocean Eyes”, “Bellyache” and “Bored”. Both Billie and Finneas gave us a massive show that almost looked like a dream.

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