Apple Books is reported to have stopped working for some people after the iOS 15.5 update. People have reported that they could not open any books on this application. A reasonable number of people also reportedly brought up that the app is crashing, and their saved PDFs are deleted on their iPad tablets as well. Apple released iOS 15.5 ahead of WWDC 2022, procuring new experiences to Apple Wallet and Podcasts other than security fixes.

According to a report by 9to5Mac and various reviews on the App Store, people have registered several complaints after installing the iOS 15.5 and iPadOS 15.5 updates. It appears that apart from bringing new experiences to Apple Wallet and Podcasts as well as security fixes, it also gave rise to some issues with the Apple Books app. While some users argue that they are not able to use the app, others complain of app crashes. Many reviews talk about how thousands of pages of saved PDFs disappeared, and they are left with nothing to read. People are also facing syncing problems where they can’t permanently delete books that they do not require.

Between all the problems, it looks like Apple is working on a solution. 9to5Mmac declares that the next version, iOS 15.6, is in the testing stage, and the issue is not present on it. The same is the case with the beta version of iOS 16, which was released at WWDC 2022 and is about to launch this year. In both cases, the Apple Books app was reportedly found to be working correctly. iOS 15.6 will be available to all users in the forthcoming weeks.

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