The spacecraft is shocked by the landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court. To withdraw Roe vs. Until Friday (June 24).

The resolution invalidates the constitutional right to abortion in the United States, which was first enacted in 1973. It contradicts the 2018 United Nations declaration that abortion should be considered a human right. The loss of Roe v. It was so profound that the New York Times called it a “political and social earthquake” on Sunday (June 26).

Atmospheric statistics now also weigh in on the decision.

The former star now serves in the U.S. Senate. He promised he would not back down from fighting for the right to abortion, for example.

“This is a big step back for our country, and all hands are in shape,” wrote Mark Kelly (D-Ariz) on Twitter. Kelly flew into space on a space shuttle four times and married former Arizona Democratic Alliance senator Gabrielle Giffords.

A few people connected to the space talked about how abortion affects their jobs or how your lack will hurt others.

Kellie Gerardi, a science coordinator and researcher, expected to launch a spacecraft on the future Virgin Galactic aircraft, wrote on Twitter that she “would not have a family or a job I built without access to abortion.”

“I would not be able to fly in space, participate in work or achieve my full potential without health care. I need everyone or the company I call a good example to remember that,” he said on Saturday (June 25).

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