Recent data from the United States Drought Monitor indicates that most U.S. states are encountering some form of drought.

As the most horrible drought conditions occur in the Western part of the country, some Midwestern and Eastern states are almost entirely in an intermediate level of drought.

There are 40 states that are presently suffering some form of drought, as per the latest data from the U.S. Drought Monitor.

The most severe drought conditions lie in the Western part of the country in states such as Texas, California, and Arizona, where the extreme heat and absence of rainfall have led the water levels at Lake Mead to fall so much that at least two human skeletons and a sunken WW2 era vessel have been discovered in parts of the now-exposed bottom.
Americans staying in States that are not influenced by drought conditions should still be worried since a stressed water supply in any area can have a ripple consequence on neighboring states, according to Jonathan London, associate professor of human ecology at the University of California, Davis.

“What happens in one state affects many others both in terms of food and in infrastructure,” said London.

Dryer grasslands and forests increase the chances of wildfires, which can eventually harm the air quality by boosting the exposure to harmful pollutants or altering air pollution patterns, one study revealed.

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