Fossil is the company that is best known for the Wear OS wearables maker. The company is planning to launch an all-new premium gen 6 smartwatches. The launch is rumoured to take place at the end of this year. It is expected that the watch will run on the Google OS for all the models.

Fossil had an exclusive interview with CNET on Saturday in which they mentioned that the company is planning to launch a new model for the smartwatch. The watch will be a fully Android version. Also, they mentioned that the new smartwatch will be featuring chips with faster performance, better battery life, and global LTE cellular options.

The company is aiming to launch a single smartwatch with most of the specs to grasp the market. Also, it will prove to be one of the flagship products under Wear OS for the company. However, it is being rumoured that the other company’s under the Fossil brand that includes Diesel and Michael Kors are also working on the development of the smartwatch under their own brands.

It is rumoured that the all-new Fossil watch will be having the same set of features just as what Samsung and other brands are offering. Also, along with this, tech behemoths already announced in May that the Manual wearing watches company are planning to develop a smartwatch that will be aiming at a 30% faster launch of the apps with continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.

Fossil chief commercial officer Greg McKelvey told CNET that, “All of the software benefits that Google’s talking about and launching with the unified platform is something we’ll be building into that as well,”.

Now if we talk about the hardware for the smartwatch then it is rumoured that at starting Fossil will launch the same with some of the upgrades in the hardware. But in future, the company claims that there more effort will be on hardware than on any else part of the watch.

Now some of the readers might wonder that what about the buttons on the smartwatch. then on that part the company’s senior vice president of connected devices, Steve Prokup said that there more focus would be on the hardware and screen rather than the buttons and at the initial stage there will be some addition of buttons. Also, the rival companies have still buttons on the sides.

He also said that “I think you’re still going to see a variety of offerings across even our products, as well as manufacturers… not so much that you’re going to have a watch that ends up having four, five, six dedicated buttons or no buttons,”

So, the bad news that comes here is that the Fossil Smartwatch that the user is using now will not be upgraded to Google’s OS. So, the choice lies that whether to change or to continue the outdated version.

The expected price for the Fossil new smartwatch is rumoured to be around $400. But till now no such information from the company’s side is there about the price and the launch date.

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