NASA’s astronauts have finally moved on to the “Pop” tradition.

Funko is a collection company best known for its Pop line! Vinyl product statistics unveiled its first product featuring NASA space. Part of Funko’s famous soda line, a new toy in a space suit, will be out this fall.

“A new selection of Funko Soda stats has arrived!” the company said on its website earlier this week. “This Funko Soda mathematical line includes … the NASA space shuttle.”

First introduced two years ago, each Funko Soda has a 4.25-inch-tall vinyl image (10.8 centimeters) and a compact disc wrapped inside what looks like an aluminum soda can (but without the carbonated beverage inside). There are now hundreds of Funko Soda figures covering various genres, from cartoons and anime to comic book and movie characters to advertising icons and television characters.

NASA’s new Funko Soda Vinyl astronaut is made of white with red stripes for extravehicular mobility unit (EMU), or space suit, similar to the design of the spacecraft and still used today by staff members at the International Space Station. The figure includes NASA’s signature on its chest display and control module and is mounted holding an American flag on a pole.

There is another “chase” version of the astronaut, too. One in six tins will incorporate a different, matched version of the bright orange pressure Orion Crew Survival System (OCCS) team members will wear as they ride NASA’s new Artemis capsule on a lunar mission (opens in a new tab). The suit is a modified version of the advanced crew escape suit (ACES) that the space shuttle astronauts wore when they landed and arrived.

The standard and short versions of Funko Soda vinyl statistics are estimated at 10,000 in the United States and 7,000 abroad. Domestic and international performances have similar figures but can be distinguished by the design of their tins. U.S. Package has a red border at the bottom, while the overseas version has a blue border and a Funko icon with a globe.

Although Funko has released some space-related statistics, including Pop! vinyl Astronaut Snoopy (opens in new tab), Drs. Frank Poole’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “The Big Bang Theory” by Howard Wolowitz in his Russian Sokol suit is the first time the company has produced an accurate image. The astronaut also used the NASA logo on its product line collections.

The star of Funko Soda NASA is expected to be released by the end of September and sells for $ 14.99 per person. Some Funko vendors are taking pre-orders now.

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