NCIS Special Agent In Charge of the Office Of Special Projects, G. Callen, has always been a character that has continued to fascinate his fans with his highly complicated life history. From his childhood in multiple foster homes to his career as an extraordinary field agent, he always kept fans on toes with yet another mystery of his life.

G Callen is one of the leading characters of the top-rated action Police procedural drama that has been broadcasting on CBS since September 22, 2009. The show has completed twelve seasons and is on its way to concluding its thirteenth. The character is played by Chris O’Donnell, who has previously made his name in the industry with performances in The Chamber, Batman & Robin and was also considered for the lead role in Spider-Man.

Before being part of NCIS, Callen had worked for the CIA, DEA, and FBI. Callen also has a fantastic relationship with Leroy Jethro Gibbs, who works at the NCIS Headquarters in the Washington Navy Yard, and specializes in deep undercover work.

Callen has been the glue that bound all the members of his team. His ability to understand their strengths and weaknesses has made him a fantastic team leader. Throughout over a decade, he had plenty of standout moments. His ability to know how to do it all, whether with his team or flying solo on a particular assignment, turned him into a lone wolf.

Season 3 revealed the identity of Callen’s grandfather and disclosed that he was an OSS agent stationed in Romania. His best moment came in “Sans Voir (Part II)”. Callen’s impulsive decision-making shocked fans, and the episode ended with LAPD arresting Callen. The attack was full of suspense, and the twist came when we found out that Chameleon put on a bulletproof vest and the whole debacle was a scheme.

The best part of the episode was Callen keeping his calm and trusting his teammates to have his back. His lone-wolf tendencies are prevalent, and this episode gave us an insight into his trusting side.

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