Samsung Software support team s always in the hope to shine in the market. From the point of pushing the security features ahead of time to the point of promising three-generation software OS for many devices. Basically, the Korean giant company is proving that it cares more about the people by promising by also giving them more offers for the hardware. In the view of that only. Samsung has just only bought the new update which is more than the security fixes. To the latest mobile phone which is Galaxy Note 8. It has witnessed that it has released the new update after four years.

Also, this time it is just a standard security update. But by looking at the name of the firmware version (N950FXXUFDUE4). It is predicted that this time it is not just the security updates and this meant more enhancements are also there. But this time Samsung has not got into the detailing of their Channel log. But with this most of the users might be wondering that how this big update makes the path to the Galaxy Note 8. For a long time, the mobile phone was not receiving any big updates like this.

However, the update till now is only available in Germany. Since the smartphone is always scheduled in the quarter league of Samsung. So, this time it is unexpected to say that when the new mobile phone will launch in other countries. As the predictions suggest that it can be any day or any month of the following year. Also, it is rumored that it depends on the date when the last time Note 8 received an update.

Now if we talk about the last updates, then according to that Samsung is planning to remove the Note 8 from the quarterly schedule. Rather testing on the fact that how ti become fate for the Galaxy S8.

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