Meteor Shower
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The American Meteor Society recently revealed that the ongoing Geminid meteor shower would offer the best display of shooting stars of the year. The Geminid meteor shower will reach its peak on the 13th and 14th December. As a result, every night sky lover will pay for a cloudless sky. 

Everything is not so good about the Geminid meteor shower in 2019. The 12th of December is the last full moon of this decade; as a result, the effects of the moon are still there in the night sky. Therefore, most people would not see the best impact of the Geminid shower this year. 

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Previously, scientists predicted that the number of meteor shower would revolve around 120 to 140 per hour. But the number reduced to as low as 20 per hour, owing to the effect of the moon. Witnessing around 20 shooting stars per hour is itself an achievement, an expert related to the matter revealed.

In 1862, for the first time, human beings discovered this event, and it’s still going on every December. Though one can observe the meteor shower in the early evening period, scientists recommend witnessing the magnificent event at the early hour of the morning, such as 2 a.m.

How to Enjoy the Meteor Shower

Scientists advised people to go to the darker place to enjoy the shower most. Normally the light pollution is heavy in the city area; as a result, going out of the city at midnight could give you the best possible sight. 

Scientists revealed that the meteor shower are longer during the evening time, but it will gradually become short during midnight. The particles from the 3200 Phaethon, an asteroid, will rush to the atmosphere of the earth with a speed of 22 miles per second. Once they enter the earth’s atmosphere, they will start burning, owing to the frictional energy created due to the friction between these particles and the atmosphere. 

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