Get Sorted With 5 New Netflix Shows And Movies To Watch This Week!

This Week Of February Has A List Of New Netflix Shows And Movies To Binge Into!

Netflix being an OTT Platform also sheds some light on bringing up new movies and shows that make the spectators binge them every time. Certain shows are set to be released this week, so audiences can enjoy watching the latest episodes and shows regularly. Here is the list of recent top 5 shows that will be featured this week:-

  • The Strays, scheduled to be released on Feb. 22
  • Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal (Limited Series) will be released on Feb. 22
  • Outerbanks Season 3, anticipated to be released on Feb. 23
  • Formula 1: Drive to Survive Season 5, expected to be released on Feb. 24
  • We Have a Ghost will release on Feb. 24

Some Details On Two Most Awaited Series!

  • We Have a Ghost

The comedy-horror film ‘We Have a Ghost’ is for you if you want to feel your heart racing this month, but romance isn’t your thing. In the Netflix Original movie, a young boy, Kevin Presley, finds a ghost named Ernest haunting their new home, making the entire Presley family instant social media stars. After becoming friends, Kevin and Ernest decide to work together to solve the mystery surrounding Ernest’s past and learn the truth about what happened the night he died. However, their efforts are only partially successful because the CIA knows about the popular videos and decides to track down Ernest and obstruct the ghost and his team.

  • Outer banks Season 3,

Outer Banks returns with fresh episodes later this month as its third season premieres on Netflix after a wait of over a year and a half. The action-adventure mystery teen drama series centres on the conflict between two groups of teenagers in a coastal town on North Carolina’s Outer Banks: the wealthy seasonal residents, known as “Kooks,” and the local working-class residents, known as “Pogues.” When the Pogues find themselves broke, far from home, and stuck on a deserted island, they are quickly drawn into a deadly rival’s search for a fabled lost city season 3 ushers in brand-new adventures that take the Pogues to the Caribbean and beyond. Catch Outer Banks: Season 3 to experience the absolute treasure that it is entirely.

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