The manga for dragon ball super is about to continue through the upcoming dragon ball super: fans now have a first look at what to expect from chapter 91 of the super hero movie arc! A mythical beast, ball super’s film, was one of the best element films discharges for toei activity last year. It was considerably more significant, considering it was the primary new winged serpent ball super anime project we had gotten in four years. a new take on the movie’s original story will now be presented as the manga continues its current chapter. The dragon ball super movie toei animation released last year, was a huge hit, and fans worldwide were eager to watch the new anime project. Since it was the first new dragon ball super anime project in four years, the movie was a significant step forward for the series.

Fans can anticipate a new take on the original movie story as the manga moves into its next chapter. The manga promises to keep fans interested and excited about the upcoming movie with new twists and turns. A novel prequel storyline has been reported in the most recent batch of dragon ball super manga chapters, laying the groundwork for the upcoming dragon ball super: film about heroes. The world has finally found peace after Majin buu’s defeat, and our beloved heroes have resumed their normal lives. However, their tranquility is short-lived when beerus, the God of destruction, rouses from his slumber and delivers a prophecy predicting his demise at the hands of a real, stronger being.

Make your plans now, dragon ball fans! The profoundly expected section, 91 of the beloved manga series has a delivery date. The official announcement confirms that the new chapter will be available at noon on march 19, 2023. This will be a significant occasion for those eager to catch up on Goku and the gang’s most recent adventures. 

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