You won’t assume who will be starring alongside Brooke Shields in her new romantic comedy Mother of the Bride, her Netflix debut. Netflix announced in February 2023 that they would be producing romantic comedies. However, despite the streaming service disclosing the film’s creators, stars, and plot, they still need to specify when it would be released.

This is sad news, but it shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise. Even though the announcement was made, production had yet to begin. Therefore, Netflix’s inability to announce a release date was understandable. The release date will likely be revealed closer to the end of post-production or when the film has completed editing.

Is Mother of the Bride filming?

Principal photography has yet to begin as of March 2023. On the other hand, what’s on Netflix stated that filming could begin on April 10, 2023. Yet, remember that this shooting start date has not been affirmed by Netflix, so creation probably won’t begin on this date. We will inform you when we have the production schedule or when the cast or crew announce that filming has begun. Supposedly, Thailand will be the location of production.

Mother of the Bride release updates

The romantic comedy has yet to be given a release date, as previously stated. The filmmaking process is still too early. Thus, for now, we can give you our delivery expectations. We think this movie could come out in late 2023, but it will most likely come out in 2024. You can rely on us to share the official release date as soon as Netflix announces it.

Mother of the Bride cast

Only three actors have been announced to be a part of this movie: Brooke Shields, Miranda Cosgrove, and Benjamin Bratt. Mark Waters will be directing the film. He’s best known for helming Mean Girls and Netflix’s He’s All That. In addition, Robin Bernheim is writing the screenplay. He’s known for co-writing the scripts for The Princess Switch films. Amanda Phillips, Robin Bernheim, Jimmy Townsend, and Galen Fletcher are signed on as executive producers.

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