People are wondering if there will be a second season of Maestro in Blue now that all of the first episodes are available on Netflix. Christopher Papakaliatis created the Greek Netflix original series Maestro in Blue. It follows a performer named Orestis who goes to the little island of Paxos to sort out a live event in line with mayoral up-and-comer and money manager, Fanis. However, when Orestis first arrived on the island, he had no idea he would fall in love and become involved in other people’s problems.

What is the story of Season 1 of Maestro in Blue?

Maestro in Blue is about a musician named Orestis who goes to the small island of Paxos to help Fanis, a mayoral candidate and businessman, put on a music festival. However, Orestis had no idea he would fall in love and become involved in other people’s problems.

The Cast 

  • Papakaliatis
  • Lelia Andriolatou
  • Fanis Mouratidis
  • Maria Kavoyianni
  • Marisha Triantafyllidou
  • Orestis Chalkias
  • Yorgos Benos
  • Haris Alexiou

Is there a second season of Maestro in Blue on Netflix?

The romantic drama has yet to be renewed for a second season by Netflix as of March 20. Given that the show was only recently added to Netflix, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The streaming monster doesn’t normally restore its new shows when they are delivered. Instead, before deciding what to do with a show, Netflix typically waits to see how many people tune in and watch it during a specific period.

Maestro in Blue will have a better chance of being renewed if the first month’s viewing hours meet Netflix’s standards. If that happens, the romantic drama series will only be renewed for another season.

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