The highly anticipated live-action remake of Nickelodeon’s iconic animated series Avatar: The last Airbender will debut on Netflix later this year. In contrast to the pathetic live-action film made in 2010 by M. Night Shyamalan, I hope this version will live up to the original series.

The team of stuntmen who worked on the live-action version of Avatar: The short Toph fan film from The Last Airbender has been republished online. It demonstrates how the Earthbending prodigy’s epic skills can be presented in a live-action series. Netflix’s surprisingly realistic Symbol series will adjust Nickelodeon’s enlivened series that broadcasted from 2005 to 2008, retelling the account of the excursion of the strong Symbol Aang (Zach Tyler Eisen). Toph Beifong was a young blind girl with extraordinary Earthbending abilities and was originally portrayed by Jessie Flower. She would later become one of Aang’s mentors and close friends as he travelled the world.

In the short film, Toph (Diana Tsoy) goes head to head against four assailants in a fight with Earthbending ability. The short captures the personality of the Earthbending master as she declares her brilliance against one of her fallen attackers. Before we get carried away, Do has made it clear that the clip has nothing to do with the Netflix remake in any way. The stunt coordinator for The Last Airbender gives a promising movie preview. Instead, it was his own personal, small project of passion. 

There is scepticism surrounding Netflix’s Avatar, as there has been with previous animated live-action adaptations: The Keep going Airbender, on whether it can steadfastly adjust its source material. Others may be concerned that the show needs to match the original series’s inventive and intricate Bending systems and faithfully reenact the narrative. Avatar’s release date has yet to be announced by Netflix: The Last Airbender, but its premiere is anticipated for this year.

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