The renowned dating show Netflix perfect match is an addictive show for many youngsters. Since its debut in February 2023, thousands of tweets, TikTok videos, and other online posts about Perfect Match have been shared by cast members and viewers. However, there has been considerable drama between cast members behind the scenes, and viewers have been perplexed by the relationship status of some couples. The fact that Netflix delayed airing the show by almost a full year is largely to blame for the confusion. Fans started requesting a reunion episode soon after Netflix released Perfect Match’s final episodes. Other dating and reality TV shows have used a reunion episode to update viewers on their favourite cast members. Despite the lack of confirmation regarding a Perfect Match reunion, there are numerous updates to report.

Filming for Perfect Match took place in the first few months of 2022. The show was shot from February to late March or early April, based on diverse castmate statements. In other words, it took almost a year for Netflix to finish filming, edit, and make the show available to the public.

The cast had already moved on with other partners since the show was being filmed, so it took a while for them to transition from living in a villa together to being back in their real lives. Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel’s relationship didn’t last long after they stopped filming the show, as Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey began dating in 2022.

As with other dating programs like Love is Blind, Netflix chose to share updates on Perfect Match couples through their website Tudum rather than airing a traditional reunion episode. More updates will come soon as we’ll need a real reunion episode.

Image Credit – Netflix

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