It will be exciting to watch the versatile personality in the upcoming Netflix series titled The Madness. It will be under the direction and execution of central TV director Clement Virgo, whose honours possess Netflix’s 2022 Dahmer, Netflix’s The Get Down, the HBO classic  Billions, The Wire, Empire, and a lot more. He will execute episodes 1, 2, 7 and 8. As of February 2023, one direct cast member for The Madness has been disclosed, Colman Domingo. 

Domingo is a megastar on the mound, featured in Fear The Walking Dead. He’s also performed with Netflix on Black Bottom and the forthcoming 2023 movie release. He plays the lead role of the media pundit Muncie Daniels.The Actor, writer, and director Colman Domingo are comprehended for his character as the villain Victor Strand in Fear the Walking Dead. But even though the main sequence has concluded, several spinoffs have arisen, with several more on the way. That still won’t stop fans from wanting to rewatch, experience, and remember every moment of the show, from the heart-warming to the tragic. Deadline reports that Domingo has been cast as the lead in a Netflix actual thriller, The Madness. It is director produced by Belber, Boyd, Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, and Kaitlin Dahill, with Clément Virgo, who directs alongside Quyen Tran and Jessica Lowrey.

Domingo currently stars as cunning zombie apocalypse survivor Victor Strand in AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, which returns for its 8th and final season in May. The Walking Dead spin-off will air its shortened season 8 in two six-episode blocks that will conclude later in 2023. watching the new thrilling conspiracy series will be a treat for the fans following him.

Image Credit – Disney–ABC Domestic Television

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