The three-dot menu placed at the bottom-right corner of Chrome on the iPhone has been redesigned “to be scannable and to highlight the most important destinations.” It begins with a colorful carousel giving quick access to Bookmarks, History, Reading List, Passwords, Downloads, Recent Tabs, and Settings.

Activities like Reload, New Tab, and New Incognito Tab are following with the panel opening halfway at first. Once fully expanded, the user will get Bookmark, Add to Reading List, Translate, Request Desktop Site, Find in Page, ZoomText, Report an Issue, and Help. This layout is “based on user feedback” and can also be found in Chrome for iPad to the right of the Omnibox.

Meanwhile, Chrome 103 launches a new screen when “you’ve been away for a while.” Google expects to make it “easier to browse content, start a new Search or easily get back to your most frequently visited sites.”

Other user-facing statements include the initial rollout of Chrome Actions, where you can enter things like “Clear Browsing Data,” “Open Incognito Tab,” and “Set Chrome as Default Browser” into the address bar and be instantly directed to the correct page. Google also has an “updated language identification mode,” which utilizes on-device machine learning to “accurately figure out the language of the page you’re visiting, and whether it needs to be translated to match your preferences.”

Regarding the security front, Google is carrying Enhanced Safe Browsing to Chrome for iOS. Correlated to existing “standard” protections, the browser will be more proactive and share real-time data with Google Safe Browsing, for example- unique URLs and suspicious downloads. The ability to set Enhanced Safe Browsing is not yet primarily rolled out.

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