Now, Google is finally letting users delete the last 15 minutes of their google search history from its Android app. This option was announced in the previous year, but it is only now making its way to the Google app for Android phones.

An editor at The Verge spotted the feature. A Google spokesperson confirmed that the company is indeed rolling out the “Delete last 15 min” option and that it should be available to everyone in the next few weeks.

As of writing this article, I could not spot the setting on the updated Google app on my Oneplus 9 Pro. However, my iPhone 13 pro max already has the option since Google rolled it out to its iOS app months ago.

Many friends are not satisfied with the 15-minute time limit for clearing their Google search history. Discussions on Reddit show that users would also like between 30 to 60-minute.

Meanwhile, Google lets you batch-clear your search history for the last three, eighteen, or thirty-six months through its auto-delete option. Alternatively, you can delete the search history from your Google app for a specific period, activity range, or day.

What do you think of Google’s 15-minute search history deletion option? Do you think that’s enough time for a one-tap history clearing feature, or should Google extend it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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