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According to the sources of the Galaxy reporters, the area of google which is called Google Area 120 which is known for the development of the apps by Google has recently developed an App for document scanning for the users in an Android version under the name of the Stack.

Just like the other document scanners the stack is also using the same procedure of scanning the document as by the use of the camera the app scans the document such as a receipt, bill, or any other document. Moreover, the app also helps the user to read the key data of the document such as the total bill amount in the scanner and then the app organizes the scanned document in the scanner.

The folders in which the documents are saved are called the stacks which could be labeled under the various categories according to the user such as the bills, receipts, or any other document category. Moreover, the user could also mark the document starred and could pull the same at the starting of the document.

The apps could scan all the documents that a user wants and with that, the app also saves the same of the scanned document automatically to google drive for the future.

So, for now, the users might be using the Chinese app in an Android pHOne that would most obvious the camscanner would be so here is the chance for the users to use the app for free on an Android phone but the app is now available on the US only and there is no such launch date related to the app that when the app will be available globally in the market. And, on the other hand, the iOS users have an already built in-app for the users in the notes app that the users can use it for the scanning purpose.

So, that’s all was the article about the Stack app a document scanner app that Google has launched for free for Android users.



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