Google Maps is supposed to be working on a feature that could provide users with energy-efficient routes while directing them to their destination, based on the type of engine that their car has. The previous year, the tech giant declared that its Maps application would offer navigation via paths that are fuel-efficient and favorable for the environment. While the number of electric vehicles (EV) in the US is increasing, Google Maps presently offers the same routes for EV and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Regardless, both engines behave differently, which implies that an ICE vehicle’s fuel-efficient way might not be as productive for an EV, and vice-versa.

According to a new report by 9To5Google, the company is operating on a Google Maps feature that could allow users to switch between types of engines, showing them directions to their destination via the most fuel-efficient path. The latest feature was spotted in the code of the beta update version 11.39 of Google Maps and is presently not visible to users.

Previously in June, Google declared that Android and iOS users in India, Indonesia, Japan, and the US would be able to receive an estimate of the toll price on the Google Maps application for approximately 2,000 toll roads. “The feature will also take into consideration factors such as having a toll or not, the day of the week, and the time of crossing the toll to provide an estimate, “according to the company.

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