Google Pixel 5a

As we all know that Google launched Pixel 5 at the end of the year 2020, so the sources of galaxy reporters claim that they thought that then google pixel 5a may be in the lead of launching the next pixel mobile by google. Moreover, yesterday in the night the internet leaker named “OnLeaks” posted a video in which he stated that the leaked photos of now pixel 5a will be the same exactly as 4a 5g with a few changes in the features, display, and design of the new model.

The leaks of the Google Pixel 5a states that the mobile phone looks exactly like the older pixel 4a 5g. The design is expected to have a 6.2-inch OLED FHD+ display. Also just like the front camera in the Samsung A series the camera is fitted on the left corner of the screen. Moreover, the bezels of the mobile phone are thin but not as thin as the other smartphones.

The sources claim that the smartphone will have some features that may or may not please some of the users. The video also displays that the device will be having a 3.5mm headphone jack with the rear fingerprint sensor. The video also displays that there will be stereo speakers also in the device.

The video displays a rear square bump with two small sensors without their functionality along with a flash at just their right. Moreover, there is also something else in the rear bumper that the Youtuber claims to be a PDAF sensor in the new device.

Besides this, there is no information on the internal processing of the device that includes a processor, ram, internal storage, etc. And with all this, there is still no information on the launch date of the new pixel 5a in the market. As earlier last year in September 2020, pixel 4a was launched, and just after one-month pixel 5 was launched so the users have to wait for some time for the launch of pixel 5a. The price of the new device is also not expected that at what range it will be offered and in what version.

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