Google allows the user to use the translate app on the web and the user can change the content into any language with the help of that only on the web. But what about the android apps. So, here is the thing that Google is now planning to launch a translate app for android also. As it is also known that pixel phones are never the first priority of anyone. So, google not always tries to the users to buy pixel phones. That’s why the new Pixel 5a phone till now is conformed to launch in Japan and the US only. In other countries, it is still not known that when the mobile phone will be launched.

So, it shows that Google’s main focus is always on the development of web apps and Android. In keeping this in mind, the company thought of launching a Translate app for Android users in Google Pixel. Also, back in April, it was rumored that Google is working on changing the app’s UI to the user’s native language for the Android 12. But with the launch of the Android 12 beta in the market. Google I/O 2021, Google updated its API differences report with a new android view translation package. Also with this, it launched the feature of related methods in the View class. However, till now the APIs are unknown so the sources are able to make only educated guesses. But also not sure about the APIs.

The rumors also suggest that the new API might prove to be a challenge for developers. For the reason that if it will become mandatory. But without doubt, one thing is for sure that it will make apps with limited language support more accessible to users. But it is known that API will not define that how the Android 12 will run on the apps. Rather than it will depend upon the service transition at the present. The transition service is defined by the value of config_defaultTranslationService in the framework.

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