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Google makes many of the products and services but a large of it goes to the making of the working of the product and services. The company, when started, was started was with around neural networks that were 20 years ago. That enables many of the cool features to be used by a user. Now Google is on its next shot with the launch of the Quantum AI campus. With this, Google is hoping to launch a useful, error-corrected quantum computer within the next decade. It is Strange to hear that it will take around 10 years but to crack quantum computing takes time.

With this Google also revealed some of the information during the Quantum disclosing. it explains that quantum mechanics is the language of the universe. And in that, the Quantum bits, or qubits, can be entangled in complex superpositions of states that mirror the way real molecules work. It is the computer that will speak all the languages with a faster range of calculations than the older binary method. Therefore, enabling detailed simulations that could accelerate the development of batteries, drug discovery, unbreakable encryption, and more.

The reports claim that the Quantum AI campus is currently home to several cryostats. That will house quantum computers. Thus, cooling it to almost zero. it also aims to reduce the error rate from quarter interference. With the other forms of decoherence. moreover, in the year 2019 google also claimed that it has finally achieved “quantum supremacy”. It is done by running the calculations on the top computers that cannot be done on the traditional computers. With this, some of the rivals of Google have complained that it cannot be sure until the error for the same cannot be found out.

It is claimed that error correction in classical computing relies on redundancy. Now for example if the user has made some of the copies and later found out that these copies have some error then that can be rectified easily. however, the user can can’t copy quantum information without breaking the entanglement (known as the no-cloning theorem). Google in reality wants to circumvent this apparent limitation by building 1,000 physical qubits. Which has the ability to encode the single “logical qubit” by spreading the data around. Resulting in the perfect correction error until the power is cut.

So, if the error correction come successful than then google claims that it has the ability to create a quantum transistor consisting of two error-corrected logical qubits. And that breakthrough will make quantum computing viable.

So, therefore it takes time for google to reach that point. It is not sure that it will take ten years or more than that. It also claims that if the quantum errors are reduced then it can scale up to a 1 million physical qubit system that fills a room. It is assumed that the room will be at Google’s fancy new Quantum AI campus.

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