Google’s one of the operating systems that have been under development for years is not finally ready to get released with the Nest Hub. It will be launched under the name Fuchsia OS.

Google mentioned that a major update is coming to the first-generation Nest Hub. Nest Hub was released in 2018. The hints suggest that the update will not change the functionality and the working of the Nest Hub. But the main is there that now the smart display will be running Fuchsia OS instead of the Linux-based “Cast OS” that was there earlier. Moreover, the user experience with the Nest Hub must be identical. The feature is possible because Google’s smart display comes built with Flutter, which is designed to consistently bring apps to multiple platforms, Fuchsia included.

The sources have been tracking the development of Fuchsia OS for a long time. Staring from the point of ambitious experimental UI to running on Google’s many internal testing devices for Fuchsia. Along with this, helping in ranging the full gamut of Google’s smart home and Chromebook lineup. After that, it came to notice that there is a need for progress in the OS. And now it has begun to schedule.

Earlier this month only it was noticed that the first generation Nest Hub was running on “Fuchsia 1.0”. It got released earlier only as it got approval from Bluetooth SIG. This intended google to make Fuchsia OS more compatible so that it can run on any gen of the nest hub. Earlier it was expected that the developers of google will go for the new OS. But on one hand. Google I/O — the company’s developer-focused event was there. Now it seems that Google had greater plans for the future OS.

It is rumored that the Fuchsia-based update for the Nest Hub will roll out over the coming months. It will first begin with the Preview Program before getting available in the global market. So, till now the reports suggest that it will enter Nest Hub without even changing the interface and experience. So, the users will remain unknown for the fact that Fuchsia OS has entered.

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