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European Union ambassador appointed by President Trump, Gordon Sondland, is confronting charges of deliberately kissing and misbehaving in front of three ladies more than ten years past.

As per the Monday report of ProPublica and Portland Monday, the three women made the allegation in a detailed fashion about the way Sondland approached them with sexual motives in a shocking manner. Three of the women claimed at the same time that Sondland got revengeful against them professionally as they refuted him for his purposes.

However, Sondland has rubbished the claims of such made by the women. As per him, the women are portraying scripted tales. He used the term ‘concocted’ for the entire accusation. Also, he claimed that one of the ladies, at least, specifically Nicole Vogel, is having other intentions behind accusing him of sexual misbehaviors. Vogel is the chief and publisher at the same time as Nicole Portland Monthly.

According to Sondland, a specific media group doing ugly journalism and targeting him is due to their anger on him. Sondland claims that he had denied being an investor in Nicole’s magazine. And, the specific magazine is now coming up with bizarre claims. As per him, the reporting of such is entirely baseless and motivated.

On the other hand, Vogel has to claim that she came across with Sondland in the year 2003 (which is indeed long back as claimed by Sondland). As per her, she came across with Sondland regarding funding aspects for the launch of her magazine. Vogel argues that Sondland made the misconduct post-lunch by taking her to an explicit place under the pretext of showing a hotel. While opposing, she claims that Sondland grabbed her cheeks and went for kissing. Vogel further added that she resisted, and they left the place in no time after that.

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