The first episode of You Season 4 Part 1 features some of the show’s wildest moments. Joe enters an elite group of friends under the guise of Jonathan Moore, only to discover that an unknown Eat, The Rich killer, is murdering the group. Joe finds that the murderer is beginning to stalk him, so their deaths are more than inconvenient. Your season 4 turns the tables, and Joe turns into the person in question. One of the many shocking revelations in the new season is this. Season 4 of You features a cast of colourful characters raised in affluent households. The group appears to be full of irrational sociopaths, despite their sheltered upbringing.

Here are the top 3 shocking moments.

  • Roald tries to kill Joe

Joe frequently meets fascinating women, but he also frequently makes enemies out of people who are fascinated by them. Even though he did not “come from money,” he stumbled into a wild group of elite-rich friends this time. They seemed to welcome him in.

The group of friends decided to spend the holiday at the Hampsie house as it appeared that each of them was being murdered one by one. When Joe confronts Roald, who has suspicions that he is the murderer, this takes a dark turn.

  • Joe has Marianne locked in a cage.

Marianne was one of the show’s most beloved characters. She had even fled the country with her daughter to escape Joe’s clutches. Everyone expected the worst when Joe caught up to her, especially when he was told to kill her to keep his new identity safe.

  • Alter Ego of Joe

Joe has become somewhat familiar to the audience throughout the previous three seasons of You. He has numerous issues and unresolved past trauma. He even had hallucinations. However, Joe’s underlying disassociation identity disorder was unheard of. Under the alias Rhys Montrose, he developed his own Moriarty. It was nothing more than a different facet of him.

Watch out for the series streaming on Netflix to have an incredible feeling.

Image Credit – Netflix

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